Composer and artist Lisa Nordström started releasing music with internationally acclaimed electronic duo Midaircondo in the early 2000s. Her creative base is at the renowned Svenska Grammofonstudion in Göteborg, Sweden. She grew up in Göteborg with three sisters, in a home that also included her parents’ architect and solar energy research studio. After a degree in classical music, Nordström went on to exploring electronic instruments, sound art and improvisation.

Nordström has released six full length albums for labels like Type Records, Kning Disk, Ajabu! and her own label Twin Seed Recordings. She also appears on numerous of collaborative albums. Nordström has toured extensively all over the world and her work has been presented at festivals like Sónar, Sonar Sound Tokyo, Mutek Festival, Molde Jazzfestival and Berlin Music Week among others. In 2010 Nordström was awarded composer of the year by SKAP – The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

In 2017, Nordström premiered the music documentary “Sonica Sequence” at the CPH:DOX documentary film festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the film, Nordström travels with her electronic instruments to Cuba, Japan, Cyprus, Lebanon and Indonesia to let improvised music form the basis of her encounter with musicians she never met before in site specific sessions. She directed the film together with producer Pether Lindgren.

Commissioned by Swedish Radio, Nordström premiered the radiophonic composition ENGRAM featuring Marian Gold (Alphaville) in 2017. The piece was Swedish Radio’s contribution to EBUs Art’s Birthday, Palma Ars Acustica and Prix Italia 2017.

Nordström scored Andrea Östlund’s film “Majken”, based on a novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist (“Border”) and her music has been included in the soundtrack to Suzanne Osten’s film “Welcome to Verona”. She recently scored the music (live with a symphonic orchestra) for a cinematic campaign premiering Symfonisk, a new collaboration between IKEA and SONOS. Commercial work also includes original music for Volvo, H&M and Lynk & Co.

Recently Nordström has been touring with Christian Gabel’s visual concert 1900 and Lebanese independent singer Tania Saleh. She has previously toured with artists like José González, Matmos, The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Ikue Mori / Zeena Parkins.

Lisa Nordström works in a wide spectrum of genres: improvisation, electronic music, defragmented pop and experimental sound art.
The music ranges from live improvised experimental music to complex structured electronic music compositions.
Nordström uses electronic sounds, field recordings, voice and acoustic instruments such as bass flute and sounding objects to create her layered and intricate sound worlds.
Her work is marked by a unique and personal approach to mixing organic and electronic sounds, often in interaction with the space, the audience and a site specific situation.