• Directed by Lisa Nordström and Pether Lindgren / Produced by ajabu! and Lisa Nordström Studio / Distribution Monoduo Films / Premiere CPH:DOX 2017

Sonica Sequence is a film about connecting within the unifying language of music.
The Swedish musician Lisa Nordström travels with her electronic instruments to Cuba, Japan, Cyprus and Indonesia to let improvised music form the basis of her encounter with musicians she never met before.
From abandoned and overgrown ballrooms, to subways and back alleys unexpected musical encounters take place between people from different cultures.
Sonica Sequence explores the possibilities of communicating through music in this open-minded improvisation film that takes you on a global musical journey.

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“Sonica Sequence seeks to unfold an immersive form of musical improvisation, and in that process the film turns into an masterful exploration of music’s potential to build bridges between cultures. A visually breathtaking film where the fixed camera allows you to disappear into a meditative and state between image and sound.”
Adam Thorsmark // CPH:DOX

“This film is a spectacular sonic work of art…one of the best I’ve ever seen! I am absolutely blown away… The film as a conceptual whole is nothing short of amazing.”
Bernie Krause // Wild Sanctuary

“Let’s scrap Babel and the Bible – and make music our language. In the documentary “Sonica Sequence”, rhythm morphs into grammar and sound into vocabulary. Swedish musician Lisa Nordström packed up her electronic instruments and travelled to Cuba, Japan, Cyprus, and Indonesia. No rehearsals. No announcements. No posters.
And what happens – in deserted ballrooms, underpasses, and dark alleyways – is all based on improvisation. People from different continents meet, make music together, interact with the audiences that spontaneously assemble. No expectations. No common language – or have they not already found one long ago? The language of music.”
Reeperbahn Festival/Unerhört Musikfilmfestival